New Schedule Announcement

We have our install schedule for each section in Wrightwood.

Fiber is being pulled for Section 1 right now. If everything goes well we can start installing for Section 1 on August 15th. Any changes to the schedule will be posted here.

Wrightwood is a great community and a great place to live, and now we are getting the Internet we deserve, super fast Fiber directly to your home!

We are accepting agreements for all of Wrightwood. Please either send an email to or call (760) 530-6113.

–Wes Zuber, CEO, Ultimate Internet Access, Inc.

UIA Fiber Internet Access


per month*

1 Gigabit (1,000 Mbps)
upload & download speed

No data caps
No installation fee

*First year of 2-year contract;
Second year $80 per month

Month-to-Month, no contract $80 per month

Local. Reliable. Affordable.

or call: 760.530.6113