Wrightwood Internet…
at the Speed of Light

1 Gigabit Fiber Optics powered by Ultimate Internet Access, Inc.

Wrightwood, CA 92397

Blazing fast Gigabit Fiber Internet access NOW AVAILABLE!

100 times faster than today’s broadband technologies. Fiber completely changes your online experience giving you instantaneous downloads, crystal clear HD video and the freedom for your entire household to be online at the same time.

  • HD Movie Download

    Gigabit Fiber
    40 sec
    60 Mbps Cable
    11 min
    5 Mbps DSL
    2 hrs
  • 100 Songs Download

    Gigabit Fiber
    8 sec
    60 Mbps Cable
    2 min
    5 Mbps DSL
    27 min
  • 100 Photos Upload

    Gigabit Fiber
    3 sec
    4 Mbps Cable
    13 min
    768 Kbps DSL
    69 min

Approximate average download/upload times based on advertised speeds. Bars are not to scale.

What our customers are saying...

  • “I switched from Exede satellite Internet to the new cable company UIA (Ultimate Internet Access) and it is EXCELLENT!”
    —Michelle S.
  • “We can't believe how fast it is...WOW!!! We are super excited and can't wait for everyone to experience this. By the way, the installation team is first rate.”
    —Wendy T.
  • “Installation went fine, and it's freaking amazing!! It's faster than any internet anywhere!”
    —Stacie B.
  • “Thank you ...thank you.....thank you.....!!!!!!!!!!!! We just watched our first Netflix ever that didn't have to buffer every 5 minutes! ”
    —Nancy B.
  • “UIA is an amazing thing. Videos stream and there is no buffering. It takes longer for my phone to install the app then it does to download it. ”
    —Gabe B.
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UIA Fiber Internet Access


per month*

1 Gigabit (1,000 Mbps)
upload & download speed

No data caps
No installation fee

*First year of 2-year contract;
Second year $80 per month

Month-to-Month, no contract $80 per month

Local. Reliable. Affordable.

or call: 760.530.6113