Section 5 is Ready!

Testing is good and we are going to start installing on 12/26/2017. It is very exciting to finally reach this point. We have some other underground work to do this coming spring that isn’t covered by poles. Boring and placing boxes is the only way for these three final areas but we will get to it.


Starting to Splice Section 5

Fiber is up and starting to splice.  Should take about 2 to 3 weeks until it is complete. It is first come first serve on the backlog, if you do not yet have an agreement on file this is a good time to get that going.



Section 4 is up!

Testing is complete for section 4. We are Scheduling installs, if you are in section 4 you will get a call starting Tuesday the 5th.



Section 3 Installs starting on July 10th

We will be scheduling installs starting on July 10th for Section 3. We will schedule lightly for the first week in order to make sure the entire system is working. After that we will ramp up significantly in order to get everyone on as quickly as possible.

If you are in section 3 and signed up we will be calling you for an installation around the week of the 10th or  shortly thereafter.



Testing Section 3

We will be testing section 3 this afternoon and early next week. We should be ready to go by the end of next week.

Section 4 has all the Fiber run and waiting for some parts then splicing.

We will start running Fiber in Section 5 in two weeks.

Splicing Cabinets in Section 3 starting Monday

The terminals are due to arrive today, cabinets are in and installed. We will start splicing on Monday. It is 2 to 3 weeks of splicing then we can start installs in section 3. We will continue to run fiber in Section 4 while the splicing continues, and continue onto section 5. The Aerial crew is hitting their stride and making great progress!

I will post next week on our continued progress.


Ready to Splice Section 3 – Running Fiber in Section 4

We are placing the cabinets today in Section 3. Fiber runs will be complete on Thursday June 1st for this section. We are splicing and testing right after the 1st. While splicing is taking place you will see our trucks in Section 4 making those Fiber runs. I will post more frequently as we get closer to installing on all sections.


–Wes Zuber

Section 2 Installs Start on January 3rd!

We are very excited to get Section 2 homes up and running!

Please be patient as we have a lot of scheduling and calls to make.

–Wes Zuber, CEO

New Schedule Announcement

We have our install schedule for each section in Wrightwood.

Fiber is being pulled for Section 1 right now. If everything goes well we can start installing for Section 1 on August 15th. Any changes to the schedule will be posted here.

Wrightwood is a great community and a great place to live, and now we are getting the Internet we deserve, super fast Fiber directly to your home!

We are accepting agreements for all of Wrightwood. Please either send an email to or call (760) 530-6113.

–Wes Zuber, CEO, Ultimate Internet Access, Inc.

UIA Fiber Internet Access


per month*

1 Gigabit (1,000 Mbps)
upload & download speed

No data caps
No installation fee

*First year of 2-year contract;
Second year $80 per month

Month-to-Month, no contract $80 per month

Local. Reliable. Affordable.

or call: 760.530.6113